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UPDATED!15 July: Due to strong wind timetable changes in Ruhnu island schedule

15.07.2016 11:20

Runö has departed from Pärnu on the 16th of July at 10:30, following departures depends on the wether conditions.


Due to strong wind (gusts 15 m/s) changes in MS Runö timetable!

On 15th July due to strong wind MS Runö departures are canceled at 8:00AM from Ruhnu; 11:00AM from Munalaid; 6:00PM from Pärnu.

New timetable:

Friday 15 July

Ruhnu-Pärnu at 14:00 (as scheduled)

NB! Departure Pärnu-Ruhnu at 18:00 CANCELED

Saturday 16 July

Pärnu-Ruhnu at 9:00AM (instead of departure on Friday at 18:00)

Ruhnu-Munalaid at 13:00 (instead of departure on Friday at 8:00AM)

Munalaid Ruhnu at 16:00 (instead of departure on Friday at 11:00AM)

More info by phone +372 452 4444 or MS Runö mobile +372 524 0972.

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