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Ferrytickets and info for Virtsu-Kuivastu and Rohuküla-Heltermaa line available, tickets for Triigi-Sõru, Sviby-Rohuküla and Ruhnu lines

NB! On Midsummer Day period three ferries on Kuivastu-Virtsu line and an updated timetable

09.06.2015 12:49

Väinamere Liinid prepares to serve Kuivastu-Virtsu route with three ferries. Schedules have been partially updated to operate with three ships on the same time. Operator asks travelers who already have bought an E-ticket to travel between 15-28 June, to look up their correct departure time.

Adding a third ship to the route required some changes in the schedule. This means, that some departure times of already bought E-tickets have been changed – 5 up to 25 minutes depending on the trip. The changes affect less than 1/3 departures. Travelers whose E-ticket departure time has been changed will receive a message by SMS or e-mail. Please look up your correct departure time from the e-shop calendar – E-mail sent with E-ticket has a link in it, opening it will show you your correct departure time. Bought E-ticket is valid from priority line also on the previous and the next departure, choose the most suitable for you.

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