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Tuule Laevad


Tuule (meaning Wind in Estonian) connects different cardinal points, lands and seas, people and places.

You can read messages in the wind. Tuule speaks a simple language.

The name Tuule Laevad (meaning Wind Ships) brings together ferry services – sailings, ticket sales, IT development and maintenance, catering on board.

Tuule Laevad is a part ofidentity which was created in 2007.

The mission of Tuule is caringly and professionally to offer our clients opportunities that help them experience the local uniqueness of places and discover new places and people.

Trademarks comprised by Tuule Laevad are

AS Saaremaa Laevakompanii

OÜ Väinamere Liinid

OÜ Tuule Piletikeskus

AS Väinamere Teenindus

Tuule is kind-naturedly funny and playful, like the islanders. It guides you in its cool and humble way to the simple and beautiful truths of life that lie beneath the daily busywork.

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