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Ferrytickets and info for Virtsu-Kuivastu and Rohuküla-Heltermaa line available, tickets for Triigi-Sõru, Sviby-Rohuküla and Ruhnu lines

Tuule Grupp

 comprises several companies mostly offering travel servises, which were earlier connected to Saaremaa Laevakompanii, under a single name. Its main fields are ferry and bus travel, travel bureau services, housing and catering.


New operator on Ruhnu island ferry lines

03.03.2017 09:12

Dear clients! From 01 May 2017 the new operator of Ruhnu island ferry lines is AS Kihnu Veeteed. Info and tickets

Ferry operators have changed

13.10.2016 14:58

Ferry tickets and info: Kuivastu-Virtsu (Saaremaa) and Rohuküla-Heltermaa (Hiiumaa) Triigi-Sõru (Saaremaa-Hiiumaa) and Sviby-Rohuküla (Vo...

11 Oct and 12 Oct departures to Ruhnu island

11.10.2016 09:07

RUNÖ departures on 11 October Roomassaare-Ruhnu 12:00 (hazardous cargo), Ruhnu-Roomassaare 15:00, Roomassaare-Ruhnu 18:00. 12 October Ruhnu-Roomassaare 10:00, ...

UPDATED!15 July: Due to strong wind timetable changes in Ruhnu island schedule

15.07.2016 11:20

Runö has departed from Pärnu on the 16th of July at 10:30, following departures depends on the wether conditions. ---------------- Due to strong wind (gusts...

Väinamere Liinid ferry operating contract of Vormsi line ends on 31st May

31.05.2016 13:55

On 31st May ends the ferry operating contract of Sviby-Rohuküla line between Lääne Government and Väinamere Liinid. Väinamere Liinid carried between June ...

Ruhnu island trip on 3rd Aug canceled on Pärnu-Ruhnu line

03.08.2015 12:43

3 & 4 Aug Ruhnu trips are canceled due to technical problems. Passangers who had bought tickets for Sunday, 2 Aug will be transfered to Pärnu tonight about...

NB! On Midsummer Day period three ferries on Kuivastu-Virtsu line and an updated timetable

09.06.2015 12:49

Väinamere Liinid prepares to serve Kuivastu-Virtsu route with three ferries. Schedules have been partially updated to operate with three ships on the same time...

OÜ Väinamere Liinid is preparing to start ferry service on Rohuküla-Sviby line from 1 June

21.05.2015 09:02

On 17 May 2015 OÜ Väinamere Liinid signed the public service contract to operate on Rohuküla-Sviby ferry line with ferry Ormsö. Schedules are  published o...

Record numbers visited the biggest islands over holidays

26.06.2014 17:18

The ferry lines linking two largest islands to the mainland saw record numbers of passengers over the recent holidays, sparking calls for increasing the number ...

Estonian ferry operator Vainamere Liinid registers surge in vehicles in April

06.05.2014 09:50

TALLINN, May 05, BNS - The increases in the numbers of vehicles carried by ferries between the mainland and Saaremaa Island and the mainland and Hiiumaa Island ...

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